Microwave Frequency Conversion Drive

Technical introduction:Based on high frequency control algorithm and wave-by-wave current limiting technology, a high cost-effective magnetron drive power supply is provided.

Applications:Household microwave ovens, industrial microwave equipment, etc.

Technical advantages:

✔ Has nearly 10 years of experience in research, development, design and production of frequency conversion controller and motor drive
✔ Research and Development of 5 Generations Microwave Frequency Conversion Power Supply
✔ Owning a number of patents to form its own intellectual property protection system
✔ It has won a series of awards and support from the state and provincial level. It is a high-tech product of Guangdong Province.
✔ Shangyan's exclusive custom integrated chip, unique IGBT wave-by-wave current limiting technology

Motor Frequency Conversion Control

Technical introduction:Accurate control of speed and torque is carried out for various AC induction motors and BLDC/PMSM motors. Using frequency conversion technology can improve control accuracy, reduce noise and improve energy efficiency at the same time.

Applications:Household appliances and electric tools such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water pumps, lampblack machines, etc.


temperature control

Technical introduction:Accurate temperature control can be achieved by a stable and reliable closed-loop algorithm.

Applications:Oven, water heater, coffee machine, food processor, hair straightener, etc.

induction heating

Technical introduction:Through leading electromagnetic induction technology and current feedback technology, the electromagnetic can be continuously heated with low power and the minimum power is 10W.

Applications:Electromagnetic cooker, IH rice cooker, milk warmer, water dispenser, etc.


Technical introduction:Series Charging Management and Battery Protection of Single Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer Batteries and Multiple Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer Batteries

Applications:Hand-held vacuum cleaner, floor sweeping robot, electric shaver, electric tools, etc.


communication module

Technical introduction:Develop, design, produce and test various wireless communication modules such as WiFi, BT, Zigbee, LoRa, 2G, 4G, etc.

Applications:Various Intelligent Household Appliances, Intelligent Equipment, Industrial Internet of Things

Cloud services

Technical introduction:Provide cloud access and control services for various intelligent products, including remote control, data storage, remote upgrade, proprietary management interface, etc.

Applications:Various Intelligent Household Appliances, Intelligent Equipment, Industrial Internet of Things

APP Development

Technical introduction:Provide software development for mobile terminals such as IOS, Android phones, tablets, etc.

Applications:Various Intelligent Household Appliances, Intelligent Equipment, Industrial Internet of Things


TFT Driver

Technical introduction:Provide 3.5-21.5 inch TFT screen driver solution, based on Android system, Linux system, single chip RTOS and other solutions.

Applications:All kinds of household appliances and equipment requiring color screens

Spacing Touch

Technical introduction: G+G capacitive multi-touch, can be compatible with less than 0.3mm isolation, to achieve full-fit touch effect

Applications:Household appliances requiring touch control components that do not fit with the cover

Induction button

Technical introduction:Stable and reliable touch key technology based on capacitance, pressure and inductance

Applications:It can be used for touch key induction on glass, plastic, metal and other surfaces.

fingerprint identification

Technical introduction:Specialized capacitive fingerprint induction with strong antistatic ability and high fingerprint identification accuracy

Applications:Intelligent door lock